Haute Secrets Miami Florida: Pieric ‘Rick’ De La Croix

As President of Hublot Latin America and CEO of Ares distributors, Inc. Rick De La Croix’s success seems unlimited. The luxury timepiece connoisseur has been marketing and distributing watches throughout the Americas and the Caribbean since early 2003. Mr. Pieric De La Croix and his team at Ares are personally responsible for advancing watch sales for Hublot, Zenith, Graham, and TW Steel. With such a keen sharp eye and refined taste, we had to know Mr. De La Croix’s to-do’s in Miami.

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How Hublot’s Pieric Rick De La Croix is Changing the Way You Buy Luxury Watches

Rick De La Croix may not be able to see the future but sometimes it sure seems like he could. ‘Forecaster of trends’ may be a more fitting description for Hublot’s sleek distribution partner of the Americas . Pieric ‘Rick’ De La Croix strategically expanded and grew the luxury watch’s brand ubiquity outside of its Swiss homeland and his new prediction is that the Miami Design District is the future of Magic City.


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Rick De La Croix’s Blowout 50th Birthday Recap

As summer came to an end, Rick De La Croix reached a major milestone.

The luxury timepiece executive turned 50 – and celebrated accordingly. Pieric ‘Rick’ De La Croix gathered hundreds of his closest family and friends, including top watch execs and international stars, on the Greek island of Mykonos for the big day. The festive attendees enjoyed a full schedule of events, which included unforgettable performances by Boy George, Julian Perretta, Nicky Jam, and Paul Oakenfold.

“My family, my friends, you are the real #rockstars for coming tens of thousands of miles to spend a week with me in the most incredible destination,” De La Croix captioned an Instagram post of his birthday getaway.

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Rick De La Croix Interviewed in Kuwait after Official Launch of Bomberg with Behbehani Group

Chairman of Bomberg Watches, Rick De La Croix, sat down with Jacques Tedeschi, Middle East Sales Director, to discuss Bomberg’s entrance into the Kuwait market. In the full article, he answers questions regarding the audience that has Bomberg’s unique designs and multifunctional watches have garnered. He discusses the iconic Bomberg collections, the ‘1968’ and the ‘Bolt-68’. They are unconventional and go beyond the purpose of telling time. De La Croix says there is great potential to enter the Indian market as they are seeing increasing demand there.

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Rick De La Croix makes Haute Living Miami’s Haute 100 List

Rick De La Croix, owner of MLG, which focuses on the international distribution of luxury watches and timepieces, was recently featured on Haute Living Miami’s Haute 100 List.

Rick De La Croix

He is best known for the Hublot and Bomberg brands but is also a U.S. partner with LVMH. He is married with two children, is involved in multiple charities, and was a former board member of Tottenham Hotspur football club in London as he is an avid soccer fan. He has intertwined his love of soccer with the Hublot brand in its domination of this sport.

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President of Hublot Latin America Rick De La Croix at Birthday Bash for DJ Khaled

During the Art Basel week in Miami Beach, Rick De La Croix, Hublot and Haute Living helped hip-hop celebrity and social media maven DJ Khaled celebrate his birthday.

Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe gave the star a Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold, jewelry bracelet. This unique timepiece is studded in diamonds, engraved on the back with Khaled’s label name “We the Best”, and detailed with tiny gold keys in the face of the watch. Khaled dazzled millions of followers on SnapChat, naming the watch the “Khaled-Hublot Key Edition.”

Ricardo Guadalupe and Rick de la Croix presenting Timepiece to DJ Khaled
DJ Khaled, Ricardo Guadalupe, Rick de la Croix

After the presentation, in the downstairs mezzanine of the exclusive Komodo lounge, DJ Khaled played on a large LED screen throughout dinner. Close friends of Khaled joined the celebration, including Tyson Beckford, Young Jeezy, Carnage, E-Class, Starino, DJ Ruckus, Shanina Shaik, Kent Jones and and President of Hublot Latin America Rick De La Croix, and too many other celebrities to list here. See the full article with photos, video and all attendees.

Boxing Champ Lewis and President Rick de la Croix are Beating Childhood Disadvantages

Rick de la Croix and Jean-Francois Sberro give $25,000 on behalf of Hublot to boxing champion Lennox Lewis’ League of Champions Foundation to benefit disadvantaged children. See the full article at http://www.hautetime.com/hublot-and-haute-living-honor-the-lennox-lewis-loc-foundation/80457/ .

President Rick De La Croix and Hublot give 25G to LOC Foundation
Jean-Francois Sberro, Lennox Lewis, Violet Chang, Rick De La Croix and Kamal Hotchandani

ARTFULLY EXECUTED, an article on President Pieric “Rick” De La Croix

President Rick de la Croix
President Rick de la Croix

Article Summary:

President Pieric “Rick” De La Croix has mastered marketing luxury timepieces in synch with life’s most enjoyable pastimes.

Pieric “Rick” Joel Vaucher De La Croix is a British businessman, distributor of luxury timepieces, and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ares Distributors Inc. He has helped to promote prestigious watch and jewelry brands in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean through a cadre of supporters, ambassadors and cheerleaders. President De La Croix advances the Hublot timepiece empire toward global recognition. Special collaborations help Rick De La Croix’s business–his roster reads like a who’s who of athletes, VIP’s, and celebrities.

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New GPS MIAMI magazine article

The new GPS MIAMI magazine recently published an article about me. The article touches upon my beginnings, my ascendance into luxury watch marketing, and my current activities in the field. Read the article in the link below, pages 93-96. Unlike another article a while ago, this one does not abuse the truth by naming Pieric de la Croix President of Hublot Latin America—call me Rick De La Croix, and I am CEO of Ares Distributors, which promotes and distributes Hublot and other luxury timepieces in the Americas.


Master of Marketing Luxury Watches

Haute Living Article Shows How Rick De La Croix is a Master of Marketing Luxury Watches

Hublot’s Rick de la Croix deftly orchestrates boutique allure, public relations, charity events, and above all an understanding of how to give customers a unique and engaging experience in the process of buying and owning luxury timepieces like Hublot.

Mr. de la Croix is President of Ares Distributors in Miami Florida, which markets luxury timepieces throughout the US and Latin America. Rick believes that true luxury watches like Hublot possess precision and arresting beauty that is beating back the assault, domestic and foreign, of mediocre and imitation brands.

Arresting Beauty Haute Living article about Rick De La Croix.
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The customer experience may include a trip to World Cup, or a private tour of Hublot in Switzerland, or a flight and tickets to Depeche Mode’s last show in Russia. The heart and soul of the Hublot experience is in the artistic boutique store, Hublot Galerie.

Mr. de la Croix’s “concept store” in Miami’s Design District offers a unique experience for Hublot devotees and fans of haute horlogerie in general. Amidst the district’s vibrant mix of art and commerce, the Hublot Galerie creates an ideal setting for emotional connections among his customers and Hublot watches. Rick understands that “a watch is a very personal product ( . . . ) Men only have shoes, belts and watches, so [watches are] my passion.” He understands that the luxury timepiece is both an investment and an experience that endures, as it tells, time.

Also enduring is Rick de la Croix’s many philanthropic devotions. Learn more about President de la Croix’s deployment of charitable events and about the excitement and success that comes from marketing luxury with passion and vision, by reading Haute Living magazine’s article illuminating how Hublot’s arresting beauty and President Rick de la Croix are beating the competition and a new path in US and Latin American luxury marketing.