Master of Marketing Luxury Watches

Haute Living Article Shows How Rick De La Croix is a Master of Marketing Luxury Watches

Hublot’s Rick de la Croix deftly orchestrates boutique allure, public relations, charity events, and above all an understanding of how to give customers a unique and engaging experience in the process of buying and owning luxury timepieces like Hublot.

Mr. de la Croix is President of Ares Distributors in Miami Florida, which markets luxury timepieces throughout the US and Latin America. Rick believes that true luxury watches like Hublot possess precision and arresting beauty that is beating back the assault, domestic and foreign, of mediocre and imitation brands.

Arresting Beauty Haute Living article about Rick De La Croix.
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The customer experience may include a trip to World Cup, or a private tour of Hublot in Switzerland, or a flight and tickets to Depeche Mode’s last show in Russia. The heart and soul of the Hublot experience is in the artistic boutique store, Hublot Galerie.

Mr. de la Croix’s “concept store” in Miami’s Design District offers a unique experience for Hublot devotees and fans of haute horlogerie in general. Amidst the district’s vibrant mix of art and commerce, the Hublot Galerie creates an ideal setting for emotional connections among his customers and Hublot watches. Rick understands that “a watch is a very personal product ( . . . ) Men only have shoes, belts and watches, so [watches are] my passion.” He understands that the luxury timepiece is both an investment and an experience that endures, as it tells, time.

Also enduring is Rick de la Croix’s many philanthropic devotions. Learn more about President de la Croix’s deployment of charitable events and about the excitement and success that comes from marketing luxury with passion and vision, by reading Haute Living magazine’s article illuminating how Hublot’s arresting beauty and President Rick de la Croix are beating the competition and a new path in US and Latin American luxury marketing.