More than 1,000 units could be sold annually in Colombia over the next five years says Rick De La Croix

Rick de la Croix was interviewed by a prominent Colombian newspaper “La República”. Topics covered included trends in the Colombian market, the growing demand for luxury items, and classic luxury watches vs smartwatches. Rick also discusses his experience as a professional in the timepiece industry and his journey with his brand Bomberg. You can read the translated version of the article on the Ares site here. The original Spanish article can be found here.

Rick De La Croix beating the odds with a new interview

Discover Bomberg by Rick De La Croix, a Watch Brand That Has Everything

Discover Bomberg, a Watch Brand That Has Everything

Original article written by: Walter Gassire Gallegos in spanish can be seen here.

Creativity is the ability to think “outside the box”, outside of the established, according to Pieric “Rick” De La Croix, president of BOMBERG. His vision is to create and establish a brand of lifelong watches with international exposure, creating a new, unexplored market space instead of competing in an existing one; a brand that does not put much focus on potential competitors but rather on the needs and desires of the community that makes up its target audience, thus capturing demand at the time of its emergence.

The new 1968 FIXED MEN CHRONO is made primarily of stainless steel, comes in 6 different colors and combinations: red, green, blue, silver, black and all black.

The FIXED 1968 MEN CHRONO, with a 45 mm case is no exception to the rest of the collection and features a changeable strap, dependent on the mood and personality of the wearer. The strap comes in silicone or leather. The position of the button at 12:00 is a hallmark of the BOMBERG brand.

Rick De La Croix arresting beauty and beating the odds.

Toys for Boys issue 12 release party at Cantina La Veinte with Rick De La Croix

In true Toys for Boys style, Issue 12 cover release party began with a private dinner for a select few and transitioned into a larger grand cocktail party for special invitees at Cantina La Veinte. The gala event was hosted by none other than Nicky Jam, who recently celebrated his ambassadorship with Bomberg Watches in which he collaborated on the design of two sleek, all black timepieces, which set the dress code for the event: all black, sleek and formal. The fun was fueled by Ron Diplomatico, which was free-flowing until the late night hours. In attendance were a group of Toys for Boys regulars including: Rick De La Croix,  Gianluca Vacchi, Amaury Nolasco, Alec Monopoly, Jordi Molla, Daniela Botero, Greg Lotus, and Javier Martin, amongst others.

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Nicky Jam, Ricke De La Croix and company at the Toys for Boys release party.


The Skull Rider Collection by Rick De la Croix, A Homage To Luxury and Speed

Read about the Skull Rider Collection in a Forbes Life interview with Rick De la Croix. In his brand’s collaboration with Harley Davidson Mexico, we learn about his love for the cult brand and key features of the luxury market in Mexico. See more in this translated version of the article by clicking the image below.

Rick De La Croix beating the odds again with The Skull Rider collection



Hublot’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe with Rick De La Croix

Brief spotlight of Hublot’s CEO  Ricardo Guadalupe.

“Guadalupe was born on March 5, 1965, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Growing up in the world’s center of luxury watchmaking helped shape his interest in the industry. He then left for the U.S. to continue his studies. After graduating from the University of Los Angeles, he returned in Switzerland.”

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Ricardo Guadalupe and  Rick De La Croix.

Classic Collage of Rick De La Croix by Andy Hirst

Amazing collage of Mr Rick De La Croix by contemporary artist Andy Hirst.

‘Andy Hirst is a 39-year-old contemporary artist based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has worked predominantly in multimedia and oils, but lately produced a series of collage work. The collage works are usually large portraits (5ft x 4.5ft) on canvas comprised of magazine clipping built up in layers to form the facial features. Additional clippings and ripped-out pieces, of various relevant words and numbers are used to form phrases incorporated into the image to add more meaning and depth. Characterized by texture, detail and vibrant colors, the collage portraits work equally well from up close or from a distance.’

Learn more about Andy Hirst and his incredible one of a kind work at his personal website

Rick De La Croix Interviewed in Kuwait after Official Launch of Bomberg with Behbehani Group

Chairman of Bomberg Watches, Rick De La Croix, sat down with Jacques Tedeschi, Middle East Sales Director, to discuss Bomberg’s entrance into the Kuwait market. In the full article, he answers questions regarding the audience that has Bomberg’s unique designs and multifunctional watches have garnered. He discusses the iconic Bomberg collections, the ‘1968’ and the ‘Bolt-68’. They are unconventional and go beyond the purpose of telling time. De La Croix says there is great potential to enter the Indian market as they are seeing increasing demand there.

The full Interview can be read here:

Rick De La Croix makes Haute Living Miami’s Haute 100 List

Rick De La Croix, owner of MLG, which focuses on the international distribution of luxury watches and timepieces, was recently featured on Haute Living Miami’s Haute 100 List.

Rick De La Croix

He is best known for the Hublot and Bomberg brands but is also a U.S. partner with LVMH. He is married with two children, is involved in multiple charities, and was a former board member of Tottenham Hotspur football club in London as he is an avid soccer fan. He has intertwined his love of soccer with the Hublot brand in its domination of this sport.

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