The Skull Rider Collection by Rick De la Croix, A Homage To Luxury and Speed

Read about the Skull Rider Collection in a Forbes Life interview with Rick De la Croix. In his brand’s collaboration with Harley Davidson Mexico, we learn about his love for the cult brand and key features of the luxury market in Mexico. See more in this translated version of the article by clicking the image below.

Rick De La Croix beating the odds again with The Skull Rider collection



Rick de la Croix’s Bomberg Launches Its First Collection Of Watches Exclusively for Women


Rick De La Croix beating the odds arresting

The luxury watch brand Bomberg, founded by Rick de la Croix, has come a long way from its supposed male chauvinist controversy to launch its first collection of watches especially for women. Rick De la Croix is now a leading figure in the promotion of women’s luxury watches. Click here for a translated article with more details about the models of this innovative collection.

Beating the odds with Pieric "Rick" De La Croix

Hublot’s CEO Ricardo Guadalupe with Rick De La Croix

Brief spotlight of Hublot’s CEO  Ricardo Guadalupe.

“Guadalupe was born on March 5, 1965, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Growing up in the world’s center of luxury watchmaking helped shape his interest in the industry. He then left for the U.S. to continue his studies. After graduating from the University of Los Angeles, he returned in Switzerland.”

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Ricardo Guadalupe and  Rick De La Croix.

Classic Collage of Rick De La Croix by Andy Hirst

Amazing collage of Mr Rick De La Croix by contemporary artist Andy Hirst.

‘Andy Hirst is a 39-year-old contemporary artist based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has worked predominantly in multimedia and oils, but lately produced a series of collage work. The collage works are usually large portraits (5ft x 4.5ft) on canvas comprised of magazine clipping built up in layers to form the facial features. Additional clippings and ripped-out pieces, of various relevant words and numbers are used to form phrases incorporated into the image to add more meaning and depth. Characterized by texture, detail and vibrant colors, the collage portraits work equally well from up close or from a distance.’

Learn more about Andy Hirst and his incredible one of a kind work at his personal website

Haute Secrets Miami Florida: Pieric ‘Rick’ De La Croix

As President of Hublot Latin America and CEO of Ares distributors, Inc. Rick De La Croix’s success seems unlimited. The luxury timepiece connoisseur has been marketing and distributing watches throughout the Americas and the Caribbean since early 2003. Mr. Pieric De La Croix and his team at Ares are personally responsible for advancing watch sales for Hublot, Zenith, Graham, and TW Steel. With such a keen sharp eye and refined taste, we had to know Mr. De La Croix’s to-do’s in Miami.

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How Hublot’s Pieric Rick De La Croix is Changing the Way You Buy Luxury Watches

Rick De La Croix may not be able to see the future but sometimes it sure seems like he could. ‘Forecaster of trends’ may be a more fitting description for Hublot’s sleek distribution partner of the Americas . Pieric ‘Rick’ De La Croix strategically expanded and grew the luxury watch’s brand ubiquity outside of its Swiss homeland and his new prediction is that the Miami Design District is the future of Magic City.


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Boxing Champ Lewis and President Rick de la Croix are Beating Childhood Disadvantages

Rick de la Croix and Jean-Francois Sberro give $25,000 on behalf of Hublot to boxing champion Lennox Lewis’ League of Champions Foundation to benefit disadvantaged children. See the full article at .

President Rick De La Croix and Hublot give 25G to LOC Foundation
Jean-Francois Sberro, Lennox Lewis, Violet Chang, Rick De La Croix and Kamal Hotchandani

ARTFULLY EXECUTED, an article on President Pieric “Rick” De La Croix

President Rick de la Croix
President Rick de la Croix

Article Summary:

President Pieric “Rick” De La Croix has mastered marketing luxury timepieces in synch with life’s most enjoyable pastimes.

Pieric “Rick” Joel Vaucher De La Croix is a British businessman, distributor of luxury timepieces, and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ares Distributors Inc. He has helped to promote prestigious watch and jewelry brands in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean through a cadre of supporters, ambassadors and cheerleaders. President De La Croix advances the Hublot timepiece empire toward global recognition. Special collaborations help Rick De La Croix’s business–his roster reads like a who’s who of athletes, VIP’s, and celebrities.

Read the complete article on the fascinating rise from boyhood to luxury watch magnate at Toys for Boys magazine article on President Pieric de la Croix.

New GPS MIAMI magazine article

The new GPS MIAMI magazine recently published an article about me. The article touches upon my beginnings, my ascendance into luxury watch marketing, and my current activities in the field. Read the article in the link below, pages 93-96. Unlike another article a while ago, this one does not abuse the truth by naming Pieric de la Croix President of Hublot Latin America—call me Rick De La Croix, and I am CEO of Ares Distributors, which promotes and distributes Hublot and other luxury timepieces in the Americas.