Bomberg: The New Skull Rider Collection by Rick De La Croix

Originally founded in 2012 in the heart of Switzerland, Bomberg might not be able to boast of the storied heritage that other older Swiss watchmakers can claim but the brand makes up for it with a strong image centered on provocation and unconventionality. Rick De La Croix is the genius unconventional mastermind behind the Bomberg watch brand. Think bulldogs, chains wrapped around models, and tattoos galore. In a way, the most atypical Swiss watchmaker you’ll ever see.

Its new Skull Rider collection is the definition of their fearless manifesto. The centerpieces of the collection are the BOLT-68 Skull Rider automatic timepieces, which are available in three aptly named Bomberg-inspired colours (because calling it black, yellow and blue would be un-Bomberg-like): Blackheart, Hellgold and Eternity Blue.

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Bomberg and Rick De La Croix beating the odds and present the Arresting New Skull Rider Collection