ARTFULLY EXECUTED, an article on President Pieric “Rick” De La Croix

President Rick de la Croix
President Rick de la Croix

Article Summary:

President Pieric “Rick” De La Croix has mastered marketing luxury timepieces in synch with life’s most enjoyable pastimes.

Pieric “Rick” Joel Vaucher De La Croix is a British businessman, distributor of luxury timepieces, and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ares Distributors Inc. He has helped to promote prestigious watch and jewelry brands in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean through a cadre of supporters, ambassadors and cheerleaders. President De La Croix advances the Hublot timepiece empire toward global recognition. Special collaborations help Rick De La Croix’s business–his roster reads like a who’s who of athletes, VIP’s, and celebrities.

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